Crupiê x éS Schmatty Wheels (52mm

Crupiê x éS Schmatty Wheels (52mm



The Crupie x Es Schmatty Wheel Wide 99a 52mm Skateboard Wheels are made by the somewhat unknown Crupie. Crupie is a new American brand of skateboard wheels, they are part of the better known Thrasher group. An advanced urethane formula that took years of development and is tested by top skaters on the street. Crupie wheels stay white longer and resist flatspots like no other. With a wide shape and 52mm you can easily flip and hold on to those long grinds. Known to be very flatspot resistant, you will get a lot of life out of your wheels. Perfect for the skateparks and street.

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Want to share your instagrams of you with your Crupiê x éS Schmatty Wheels (52mm? Use the #crupie.asylum hashtag.

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