• Joshua “Yoshi” Neal

    Sponsors: Asylum Skatepark, JetBlack, Skateboards, Static Hardware, Ultra Slappy Wax, Zen Sei Bushings

    Certifications: Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks

  • Will Orlyk

    Sponsors: Asylum Skatepark, Slums Skateboards, NFK, Ecstatic Clothing

    Job: Skateboard instructor

    Hobby/skills: professional skill toy player, unicycleist and music instructor 

    Goals: My goal is to spread the love and skill of skateboarding to any body and everybody. Anyone can skateboard no matter who you are.

  • Eli Grana

    Sponsors: Asylum Skatepark

    Certifications: Skate Instructor Association

  • Jose Vega 

    Sponsors: Asylum Skatepark, Etnies Flow, Slums Skateboards 

    Certifications: MMA, National skateboard Association SKATZ

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